Hi Henry,

You are welcome to install a evaluation copy of the analyzer (with full functional features) from here. Just follow the installation instructions, and let us know how was your experience.

If you have any doubt, our team will answer any question!!

Hi Mario!

As metioned above, please visit the official CachéQuality website and the online Demo. From the official website you can require a demo license, so you will have a full version of CachéQuality to analyze all your code and check the tool features.

From the analysis, we do checks on code based on rules to find bugs, vulnerabilities and other code issues, but also we do a lot of measures of your project, like Technical Debt, Cyclomatic Complexity, CBO, DIT, WIT, LCOM4, RFC, Halstead, ...

Those metrics will help you to take decisions about which parts of code you should start refactoring.

If you need any more info or a walkthrough, please contact me.