We have been collecting the Coding Standards and Best Practices to build a static code analyzer (as @Evgeny Shvarov mentioned). In following link you will find all the rules we have developed, including wrong and rigth coding examples and how to solve them:


The code review can be done with our ObjectScriptQuality tool, which can be integrated with your preferred development tool, so developers have the code review at time.

You can test the tool uploading an ObjectScript project to github, or you can install the server to test it for 2 weeks. Also, you can install the development environment plugin and analyze code in standalone mode, which is free of charge.

Hi Joaquin,

As Evgeny told, we solve lint check using CacheQuality, which is a objectscript plugin for SonarQube. We also integrate it on Caché Studio, Atelier and VSCode, so you can have a first check on your development tool.

We also integrate the Test Coverage Tool, so you will have the full project view from one point!

Please, check https://www.cachequality.com/ to have a more complete view, or contact me for a demo. I will be pleased to show you how it works!