We've traditionally run a selection of development environments from a single cache instance using different namespaces for DEV TEST PREP etc. This has come with a few drawbacks, mainly that you then cant break down into namespaces per environment and everything is sharing various options.

Is there a massive overhead to running multiple cache instances from the same 'box' instead?

How best to share the memory setup in that situation, we usually pre-define around 80% for the instance, do we just share that evenly between the multi instance scenario?

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We've been tasked with developing a file upload module as part of our wider system, storing scanned documents against a patients profile. Our Intersystems manager suggested storing those files in the DB as streams would be the best approach and it sounded like a solid idea, it can be encrypted, complex indexes, optimized for large files and so on. However the stake holder questioned why would we want to do that over storing them in windows folders and that putting it in the DB was nuts.

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