I am working my way through some SQL documentation.

The documentation follows and my question comes after.

A query supplied to %Prepare() can contain input host variables, as shown in the following example:

  SET minage = 80

  SET myquery = 3

  SET myquery(1) = "SELECT %ID AS id, Name, DOB, Home_State"

  SET myquery(2) = "FROM Person WHERE Age > :minage"

  SET myquery(3) = "ORDER BY 2"

  SET qStatus = tStatement.%Prepare(.myquery)

This talks about input host variables

I thought that input host variables only work with Embedded SQL, not Dynamic SQL

Thank you

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I started with the Atelier Stand Alone.

Now I have moved on to Atelier as a plug-in to Eclipse.

With the Stand Alone I had access to two help topics, the Workbench and the InterSystems Atelier.

Now, as a plug-in I have access to a number of other help topics.

When I do a Help Contents, how do I eliminate those help topics I have no interest in?

Or only do a Help Contents on the topics that apply to me as a Atelier user?

I apologize if you have already covered this, but there is so much to read on Atelier already.


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Hello, this is going to be a stupid question, yea I know, there are no stupid questions.

Say, I have an Object Property, Name or Count or Title, or whatever.

How can I get a list, or find out all the different ways it can be expressed?


-Property Name As %Name;

-Property Name As %String="me"

-Property Name As %String [ Required];

But what other parameters, keywords, restrictions, lists, etc. that I can apply to this Property?

I have been search the I/S documentation and so far at least, I cannot find that sort of information, or in one place.

I could search all the I/S classes, but that takes lots of time and research.

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In trying to understand Atelier I am directed to go through its hierarchy type of documentation.

Is the Atelier documentation going to continue as a hierarchy or at some point is it going to be integrated into the InterSystems type of documentation?

When looking for an answer it would be nice to use only one method.

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I am trying to find documentation on how Cache Studio locks a Routine/Class a developer is editing.

On the flip side, I am looking for documentation on how Atelier does the same.

Ultimately I am looking for the differences and what happens if both Studio and Atelier through different developers go after the same Routine/Class.

I am not asking for an answer (however that would be nice), I am looking for pointers to documentation.

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