Hey all, stupid mistake of the day or week

I did not have my output window open!

Word to the wise.

Thank you Robert for your help, you deserve a raise.

I upgraded my instance to 2017.2.

Still, I get nothing from Find In Files

I guess it is time to contact the Support Center.

Robert, I did as you said, I even restarted Studio, and still not output.



All my best to you and the other Moderators!


Thank you, and it is my 3rd book.

I would rather be programming but currently, the field seems barren.

Maybe it is time to start beating the bushes.

Evgeny, you have written some, haven't you?

Ok, I realize I am not being clear, often I say things before I think them through.

When I being up I/S documentation, I can select the Class Reference option.

From Studio I can look up classes that are in the Class Reference Option.

I tried to do the same thing in Atelier, and was unable to find the command to browse through all the Classes I see in the Class Reference Option. That, is what I am trying to do. I hope that is clear.

John, maybe I was asking two separate things.

When I bring up I/S  documentation, there is an option to go to Class Reference.

When I select that option I can see all Classes in the InterSystems database, that is what I am really wanting to do.

I put the comment in about Samples as an after thought, not really thinking it does not apply to the other question.

I am sorry, I started to look around on the other Help options and I found my answer.