Thanks for the detailed response, greatly appreciated. 

A few followup questions to your answers:

1. how can such a task be created? what tool should I use and what method/entry point can I call? right now I've been manually doing it on the webGUI in the system management portal

2/3. I prefer the upgrading of my instance, do you know which version this was fixed in? 2015.x? or a later 2014.x?

thanks so much,



David, thanks for the detailed explanation. And yes, we're on 2014.1.3.

Will definitely update the thread if I can reproduce

Sergei, that worked, do you know why purging the cached queries fixes it? and what caused it in the first place?

again, thanks so much


Thanks for the quick action, so sales is following up with me now but of course, as expected with sales, they're putting me through the 21 questions interrogation for a simple evaluation key request. Not to mention they keep forwarding me to someone else, I'm on my 3rd sales guy, hopefully we can get this before the questions reach 3 digits and/or the I talk to the entire sales unit.