Jason Ip · Sep 12, 2016

Is there a way to try/develop with Ensemble?

Right now I have a developer/free version of Cache 2016.1 on my local dev box but it doesn't have Ensemble installed, is there a way to get Ensemble?

After having gone to the 2016 Global Summit I want to play around with it on my own and see what it's capable of.



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If you have an access to WRC, you can get FieldTest versions, Caché and Ensemble with test license keys. If not I think you may ask for an account by sending email to

The Field Test version of Ensemble  "is not supported for the development of applications. It is for testing and evaluation purposes only", so you may want to speak to one of our Sales team people if you intend to use any installation for development.

I am the Ensemble technical  writer. While we don't have Ensemble evaluations freely available,  someone in sales can arrange for a temporary license. Send me your contact information to and I'll find the appropriate sales person to contact.

Name, email, phone, address, and company/school/organization (if you have one).

Thanks and sorry for the non-response from support.

I talked to the WRC and they got your message and forwarded it to sales, but didn't get a response. They are following through now, but your contact information will make it easier  to find the right person in sales.



Thanks for the quick action, so sales is following up with me now but of course, as expected with sales, they're putting me through the 21 questions interrogation for a simple evaluation key request. Not to mention they keep forwarding me to someone else, I'm on my 3rd sales guy, hopefully we can get this before the questions reach 3 digits and/or the I talk to the entire sales unit.

Part of the reason is that this is a HealthShare feature, not an Ensemble feature. So that probably caused at least one of the switches. [Do confirm that the sales contact understands this.]

good luck