Hey Developers,

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      Hi Developers,

      This June, you've posted the whooping 105 new questions on the Developer Community:


      10 Best Questions Ever

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      Hello Community!

      The Global Summit 2023 in Hollywood has just ended but keynotes are already available for those who missed them while being on the premises or who couldn't attend this in-person event at all for some reason or another (or just for those who wish to refresh their memory and listen to them again).

      InterSystems 30th Global Summit Welcomes Virtual Participants to Experience  Innovation at its Best!

      Enjoy watching all the keynotes from all three days of Global Summit 2023 via this YouTube playlist:

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      Hello and welcome to the Dev Community Post Digest for June 2023.
      General Stats
      177 new posts published in June:
      – 36 new articles
      – 33 new announcements
      – 105 new questions
      – 3 new discussions
      315 new members joined in June
      11,589 posts published all time
      9,745 members joined all time
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      Hey Community!

      It's been almost three weeks since the end of the Global Summit 2023 (here is a brief reminder of day 1, day 2 and day 3) and you may want to relieve the excitement or, maybe, wish to see the sessions. Here is your chance to influence the order in which those sessions are published here, on the Developer Community.

      Here is a full list of sessions so please write down in the comments the ones you look forward to the most! And we'll do our best to satisfy the demand 😉

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      Hi Community,

      If you wish to share with others your solution/tool and/or your company services which are connected to our products, we will be happy to organize a webinar for you to promote it. We will organize your webinar without any fuss on your side, you just need to tell us what you want to talk about and when you want to do it.

      From its side, InterSystems team will:

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