I would like to change the date 5/8/2020 to YYYY-MM-DD format i.e 2020-08-05 What function I need to use for that?

When I use TO_DATE function I am getting error. Please see below

>[Error] Script lines: 1-1 --------------------------
 [SQLCODE: <-400>:<Fatal error occurred>]
[Cache Error: <<ILLEGAL VALUE>todate+32^%qarfunc>]
[Location: <ServerLoop - Query Open()>]
[%msg: <Unexpected error occurred:  <ILLEGAL VALUE>todate+32^%qarfunc>]


It is not accepting IRIS. I have like this jdbc:Cache://host:port/namespace/logfile. it is connecting to database but I could not spot the logfile in my local.

Is this a SQL query? ($ysstem.SQL.Purge()) when I try I am getting error like this [SQLCODE: <-1>:<Invalid SQL statement>]

I am using Aqua studio tool and connecting to database using JDBC. Not sure how can I get log details.

Thanks . It is working fine. Also I want to find if date column is in MM/DD/YYYY format. How can I do that in sql? Appreciate your help.