Paul Gomez · Apr 20, 2016 1m read
Feedback on Product Documentation?

We are in the process of putting a new UI on the existing product documentation, including a mobile-optimized view. We also plan on releasing additional "solution based" documentation that is targeted at common usage scenarios or important configuration tasks.

We are interested in your feedback on our current product documentation - what you like and dislike and especially what changes you would expect to see to make it as useful as possible.

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We can change to this mode of UI in the Create New Post that I think makes the tag usage easier. There's help text under the window in this screen shot and it will contain instructions on the use of tagging, the benefits and also a link to a standing post to request new tags. I think this method of operation will allow us to add many more tags without making them burdensome to navigate.


Not quite sure how to connect groups to tags in this UI but that might be the next step.

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When you click on the My Content icon in the navigation bar you see a page with tabs, two of which are "My Content" and the other is "My Collaborations". The formatting of this content is not very good and is inconsistent between the two.


1. How many of you are using these pages?

2. What are you using them for?

3. What information do you expect to see here?

4. How can we improve this?

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With this release we've done a few things with subscriptions

1. Exposed personalization settings so you can control how and when you receive the email subscription notifications. See the image below

2. The ability to selectively subscribe to email notification for content by Tag. At the top of the "Browse by Tag" page there is a new link to Subscribe with Email.

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