Thanks for the feedback. It looks like you stumbled upon a bug, which might be permission-based. I'll get it in the queue.

Yes, we intend to add sorting to this. There's probably some confusion on how these are sorted and the labeling - it should be the last time anything related to the post (comments or answers) are added/updated that makes the posting pop to the top. The date displayed there may be associated with the original posting, not the related children. I'll verify.

We did have another request to display the number of comments and answers in two additional columns. Would this be helpful or valuable to have here?

Thanks for the posting. I haven't put up the release notes yet, but the "view by member" is one step of several features we'll be adding in this area. You can now find members and see their content under the Connect | Members menu but we'll be adding some other mechanism for doing the same from wherever you see a user's name. Upcoming builds will also have "following" by person and by tag.

Interesting observation, thanks. So if the user is looking at the contents of a book, but in the left pane chooses Back, leave that book content visible until they choose something else?

Yes, this is using the same DOCBOOK content. We just put a different UI on top of it.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll see if we can do some kind of "copy link" icon at the book/section level to make it easier to reference a particular section of the content.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we will add filtering capabilities to narrow your results.

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't see the large right padding on the iPhone or an Android tablet but maybe something changed. We'll check that out and the other comments.