Hi Community...I am trying figure this out any help appreciated. Thanks in advance

The service is a file passthrough that picks up a PDF and then uses the BPL code below to create the rest wrapper and sends the stream data. I am not grabbing the stream from the inbound correctly, "request.Stream" or "request.StreamFC" always produces the following error.

Here is what is sent and returned in the message..





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the file being created on the FTP server will have a format that includes the current date I would like to pull this file off the FTP while ignoring other files on the same location.

Inbound Service Class

I would like to find the file on the FTP that is being created using Todays date. But it appears that the wildcard are not recognizing the file format:

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· Nov 23, 2019
Clearing my cube of data

Hi I am experienced with Ensemble but working in my first DeepSee project, so forgive me if this seems elementary.

My question is, how do I clear the data out? Every time I build I am adding more and more data. But I would like to revert my cube to being 0 so I can reload it and start over? Set my row count back to 0?

I am unable to remove/purge through the management portal

-I've tried to kill my cube Do ##class(%DeepSee.Utils).%KillCube("MyCube.Cube") and then Rebuild it.

Thanks In advance

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