Carl Campbell · Dec 16, 2019

Can an inbound file service pick up a file based on all wildcards? (FileSpec field)

 the file being created on the FTP server will have a format that includes the current date I would like to pull this file off the FTP while ignoring other files on the same location.

Inbound Service Class




I would like to find the file on the FTP that is being created using Todays date. But it appears that the wildcard are not recognizing the file format:

Example below. This will not pull the file "ErrorFile_20191216.txt"  off the FTP but it should. Should I be using custom code or can utilize  something built in to do this. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

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printf formatting tokens (%Y, %m, %d, etc.) are not wildcard characters. You'll be limited to legal file naming characters and OS/Shell specific wildcard characters such as * and ? for fetching files.

OS/Shell specific wildcard characters such as * and ? for fetching files.

Is not possible!!!

If you could provide a little more detail on your use case, there may be a solution that doesn't involve developing a custom service.

For example, you could configure the service with a filename pattern that would retrieve all matching files in the target path, but discard, via a routing rule, any that do not meet the date criteria. The name of the file should be available in the Source property of the message object.

Thanks for more info. Yes  at this point it probably would take a BPL or routing rule to to make this happen. Wanted it to come easier ..oh well! Thanks Jeff !