??? IRIS starts with root, instead of irisowner user  ???

if it works it could offer a very smooth migration plan to engage in IRIS

it's important to ZZDUMP  the "address" to understand what is going on

if it is a $LB-structure you may also see the squares not id is not whitespace
then $ZSTRIP() will not help at all but just cause confusion

probably a misinterpretation from my side:
I expected a terminal emulation, not a HTML simulation

The fact is that is is an ages-old artifact that was a demo written to run on a printing console that had just 7 bit ASCII

Surprising. WebTermal is my first "Terminal Emulation" that doesn't understand full ASCII
I'll remove it from my personal list.

Yeah! that saved my week.
works perfect with no need for private data types

Is it possible to use your IRIS based WebSocket Server ?
If yes, wow?


Definitely better than the previous version.
And easy to get.