Hello Jeffrey Drumm,

The OBX is defined as:

And I have used your suggestion:

However messages with OBX still going to the Operation without being filtered in the Process. They are only being filtered if we write COD or FIN inside the EVN.4, but it does not take into consideration if there are OBX, or not.

Hello Eduard, I have tried your answer, however it outputs:

ESBSSCC>set enMsg = "hello"
ESBSSCC>set esMsg = "hola"
ESBSSCC>set obj = {"language1":(enMsg),"language2":(esMsg)}
ESBSSCC>write obj.%ToJSON()
ESBSSCC>w $classname(obj)

Being the version:

w $zversion
Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86-64) 2016.1.2 (Build 206U) Mon Jul 25 2016 16:47:58 EDT

And the documentation for the class %Library.Object, shows no method called %ToJSON()

Could you help me please?