Thank you for the quick reply. 

For Clarity....

I should create an OnPreHTTP( ) method that tests my parameter and set the ContentType accordingly.

Pseudo code...

OnPreHTTP()  as %Boolean 


    set pdfToken=$get(%request.Data("pdfToken",1))
    if (pdfToken  is valid)   set      set %response.ContentType="application/pdf"

    else  set %response.ContentType="text/plain"

    quit 1


Hi Kyle 

Excellent article.  I especially like the generic table reference to illustrate that the optimizer sees Table1, Table2,...field1, field2... instead of obvious index choices. 

One recommendation for improvement is to explicitly call out Query Plan review.   Its implied that query plans should be reviewed.  I would call it out explicitly.   I've seen instances where Tune Table is run without improving query performance (to much dissatisfaction and disappointment) . 

When investigating slow performance - review query plans.   Based on your understanding of the table and its indices, do you think the query plan is correct?   Sometimes revision to WHERE clause search arguments is all that's needed (Query Tuning).  Other times the "big gun" TUNE  TABLE is required. 

Thanks again for an excellent article. 

dave L