I want to make sure, AppSeguimientoAnadidaReferenciaJARSexternos.jar  is included on the "Additional Paths".

I searched the Operation's XML definition and I didn't see it there.

What Java version are you using?

Can you provide the output of `jar -tf <name of your jar file>`?

NoClassDefFoundError is usually an indication that the classpath (as defined by the classloading operations performed) is not properly setup.

If your jar file isn't properly structured, that's the problem.

If you run "jar -tf" onto the jar file,  does the directory structure of the jar file match example/KafkaBusinessOperation?


will also work. 

The logfile will be in the working directory of wherever the JDBC process was launched, not necessarily your local working directory. If you're working from a Unix system, you can specify a full filepath. If you're working from Windows, then unfortunately, that will be an issue. A bug was recently fixed that allows the full filepath to be specified via the URL but that was only fixed recently in IRIS.

$system.SQL.Purge() is objectscript code. Sorry for assuming you were using IRIS Terminal.

If you're using JDBC, please edit your JDBC url to look like the following:


logfile will be written to the current directory of wherever the JDBC process in launched (i.e. the working directory of the JVM process).

%0AmBs1+1^%sqlcq.SMTKTUAT.cls498.1 is the label and offset of where in the cached query the error was thrown, but not the actual error itself.

How are you running the SQL query? ODBC? JDBC? Embedded? Dynamic? If ODBC or JDBC, do you have any logs?

Alternatively, try purging your cached queries ($ysstem.SQL.Purge()) and reattempt. There could be an issue with the cached query itself.