Thanks for a nice story :)

I myself got familiar with those nice PDP-11 computers on 1977. I wrote programs with FAS language that was developed in Finland at VTKK (The Computer Center of the State).

Then later, maybe late 1986 we started the move to MUMPS using ISM-11 and ISM-11+ on a PDP-11/44.

Then there were  times with some VAX/VMS-clusters with Intersystems' M(umps) and Caché technology and now I'm working with Caché and Ensemble on aix, Windows and RHL.

We are also still using also the good old VA's Kernel as well as the FileMan filesystem.

I find myself privileged because I have had the opportunity to work with such a company that InterSystems has been an still is.

Now I'm already at "the cooling stage", working only three days a week and only until the end of this year 2017.

Thanks for your thoughts :)

I've got another idea: Why not just copy a full backup file to the new server and do a restore there a day or two before the migration and then during the downtime copy the journals that were created after the backup and restore them.

No need for an extra backup :)

Just have to take care of the journals and not to delete them too often.