Hi, I just did the same thing.
I am using Visual Studio Code with InterSystems plugins.
Using the plugin, connect to your server in the appropriate namespace.

Once done, locate your Production.cls in VSCode explorer, right click and select Export, this will export from IRIS to your local filesystem.

You should be able to find the location of the exported class in your filesystem in the output panel:

export "Namespace.Production.cls" as "/Users/yourself/Developer/Project/Namespace/Production.cls" - SuccessExported items: 1

Do the search and replace that you in the local Production.cls. When saving your modifications, the class is automatically compiled in the server:

The output also shows:

Compilation started on 09/20/2022 13:33:15 with qualifiers 'cuk'
Compiling class EAI.Production
Compiling routine EAI.Production.1
Compilation finished successfully in 0.113s.

While working on your changes, pay attention to the notification that can occur

We are looking forward for Embedded Python ! About the mindset|languages, don't be rude please ! 😚. Whenever a new developer comes in and jumps into ObjectScript, you don't necessarily tell him about this very rule exception when writing arithmetic nor does he think that he should read the documentation SQL/Using SQL/... whilst it's not trivial that is is related. I was just asking about a setting that would make me confident when we deliver our platform to future developers.
I always format my expressions with "(" but for some people this is just some coding style...