We are looking forward for Embedded Python ! About the mindset|languages, don't be rude please ! 😚. Whenever a new developer comes in and jumps into ObjectScript, you don't necessarily tell him about this very rule exception when writing arithmetic nor does he think that he should read the documentation SQL/Using SQL/... whilst it's not trivial that is is related. I was just asking about a setting that would make me confident when we deliver our platform to future developers.
I always format my expressions with "(" but for some people this is just some coding style...

Problem is solved, it was my fault. I forgot a '.' in one of the many nested calls ...
The thing to remember is to pass the response argument by reference everywhere, from REST to BO1.

Hi there, this is not related to Atelier but rather to your Eclipse installation.

In the menu bar, click "Windows" and then "Preferences", a window will happen. On the top left corner, type "proxy" in the "Type filter text".

In the right part, you enter your proxy settings (ask your IT department).

Here is an example for me: