We often have troubles with performance when joining tables with about 10 million rows together.

Sometimes we can't say what the cache engine is doing, it's just sucks and never finishes.

Then we have to rebuild the query and loop first on Orders and then on OrderPositions.

this is what we want:

EDITED: the join was only forgotten

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i have two where-clauses:

a) ... WHERE company=1 and product=7

b) ... WHERE product=7 and company=1

with other words the position of the where fields are swapped.

now the question is:

bring the where clauses a) and b) the same performance(queryplan) or do i have to write it in a special order???

in my point of view, there is a parser/optimizer who cares about this, so i don't have to care about.

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hi, i am new to Studio and also new to objectscript, but i am not new to programming and

want to implement some synonymfunctions e.g. LOCATE should be used as InStr (.. like in much languages ;o)

more generally spoken, i want to implement a library for my string routines BUT of course i want an need autocomplete.

defining a macro $$$InStr does no autocomplete when i type $$$In<CTRL-SPACE>

example: my lib is called STRINGS and the functions are: InString, Split, ...

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