If you are referencing Rational Software Architect like Eduard asked, then I expect Atelier can successfully integrate with the product.

Atelier is an Eclipse plugin which means that it can be installed into any Eclipse-based Rich Client Platform (RCP). Our team has not specifically tested this integration however, so you may come across problems. Please contact the WRC in that case.

We still plan to provide extension points, but customers have not requested this feature broadly. As a result, we have prioritized other features and bug fixes. You will be sure to see extension points made available as the product matures, though.

The process for merging changes is described in a new post from the Atelier team. It boils down to this: use your version control system to merge conflicts. The conflict wizard that appears when saving changes to the server does not support merging by design.

We will be publishing a post describing the newly available changes and roadmap progress for Atelier 1.1 later this week. We will continue this policy with every new update release going forward as well. Please keep an eye on this space.

Users with high resolution screens on Windows 10 will see pixelated icons if they have the Atelier IDE HiDPI feature installed.

If you've installed the standalone Atelier application from the WRC distribution page, then updating to version 1.0.263 may have automatically added this feature erroneously.

To fix:

  1. Close the Atelier application
  2. Navigate to <installation directory>/Atelier/plugins/
    • Note: default installation directory is C:\InterSystems
  3. Delete com.intersys.eclipse.hidpi.aspects.jar
  4. Open the Atelier application

If you've installed the Atelier plugin to an Eclipse application, the steps are a bit more straightforward.

To fix:

  1. Open Eclipse
  2. Navigate to Help > Installation Details > Installed Software
  3. Select the "Atelier IDE HiDPI Support" feature
  4. Click the "Uninstall" button at the bottom of the page
  5. In the future, make sure that you do not install this feature when updating from the Atelier update sites

If these steps don't help, please contact support and they will be able to further assist you.

I could not recreate this error, so I need a few other details.

How did you delete the class from the server? Did you use the Server Explorer view?

When you deleted the file from the server, did you notice any errors in your Error Log view? You can also test if Atelier successfully deleted the file from its cache by navigating to your Atelier Explorer view, selecting the deleted file from your project, and verifying that the "server version" is blank.

When you say you deleted the server, do you mean the server instance or the server connection within Atelier?

If you create a new connection with a different name, do you still see the deleted class from the Server Explorer view when you expand the classes from the new connection?

Ultimately, you should report a bug with your error log so developers can pin point the cause. I suspect there's a problem with your cache.

Joyce is correct - we plan to create an extention point that can be used by other plugins. Extension points allow Eclipse plugins to cooperate with other installed plugins. As a result, your plugin will have safe and reliable access to the server connection and all related information.

Alternatively, you can pull the password from secure storage directly. The internal keys and data format is subject to change, so use of this method should be temporary.

ISecurePreferences secureStore = SecurePreferencesFactory.getDefault().node("com.intersys.eclipse.connmgr");
ISecurePreferences connectionNode = secureStore.node("Connection Name");  // replace with connection name
String password = node.get("pass","default"); // replace default as necessary