Based on the screen shot, it looks like you tried to save a MAC routine in the RemoteSystemsTempFiles project. This project is not related to Atelier in any way, but should not be blocking you from persisting your change to the file system. 

I encourage you to watch the getting started videos pointed to in other comments and to use the "Cheat Sheets" within the product itself. Go to Help > Cheat Sheets... > Atelier and click the first one. Go through them in order to get a good understanding of Atelier basics.

If after you've done this you are still having trouble, please contact the WRC who are best able to help you troubleshoot. 

Let us know what fixed the problem as an answer here as well please.

Atelier embeds the web editor accessible from the Management Portal into an Eclipse editor, so it works the same way.

The feature is supported in class files only in Atelier 1.1 and in routine files as well in Atelier 1.2. Support in CSP pages is not a high priority at this time. If this is something that you feel is a blocker or that the team should increase its priority, please contact the WRC.

This sounds like a problem that has been reported previously. I recommend you contact the WRC with your environment details (Eclipse version, Atelier version, Cache'/Ensemble/InterSystems IRIS version, OS flavor) and they should be able to get you sorted quickly.

Thomas, could you please open a WRC ticket? It might have something to do with Eclipse internals. Support would know what to look for on your system so that we can squash this issue for you.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Kishan. Our technical services team is working on bringing the server up again. We'll let you know when it is available. Apologies for any inconvenience.