I use Status^JOURNAL in a shell script like this, to check the journaling status and generate an alert.

ccontrol list | grep -i running > $DB_STATUS_DET4
if [[ -s $DB_STATUS_DET4 ]] then
 csession cache "Status^JOURNAL"    > $DB_JRN_DET
 cat $DB_JRN_DET | grep -i enabled  > $DB_JRN_DET1
 if [[ -s $DB_JRN_DET1 ]] then RC=0
  else RC=1
else exit
if (( $RC > 0 )) then
    echo "Artiva alert: JOURNALING is disabled at $(date +%x_%r)" >> $DB_JRN_MSG
    exit $RC
    exit $RC

I want run a shell script for updating database max size, but not seeing any command shortcuts like Status^JOURNAL for getting database details.

Thanks all for your responses.

I'm able to come up with a shell script.

ccontrol list | grep -i running > $DB_STATUS_DET1

if [[ -s $DB_STATUS_DET1 ]] then
 csession cache
 s x=##Class(Security.Users).Create("BOBJ","%ALL","P@ssw0rd!","Bob Jones","","","",0,1,"",1,0,"","","","")
else exit

I have developed some shell scripts for Caché database maintenance, and they run on AIX.

These scripts just run simple commands like "Status^JOURNAL".

I haven't coded scripts for calling classes or methods. So, just want know whether that's possible in shell scripting or not.

If not, which scripting/programming language should I use for calling classes or methods?


Thanks for the response.

Main reason for coding the scripts in Shell was that we want them to run even when Caché instance is down.

When you say in Caché itself, do you mean like a task in Task Manager?

Also, how did you schedule the vbscript scripts?