I have an application that as part of the registration process is using reCaptcha to provide a captcha. The issue is that service is served from Google and is unavailable in certain countries, namely China. I've been researching this some and believe it's possible to proxy the requests to the Google CDN to avoid the Chinese firewall ban on Google URLs, however I'm not quite sure how to do this in CSP.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to solve this, either with a technical solution or an alternative service I can fall back to?
An example would be greatly appreciated.

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Orion Correa · May 17, 2017
CSP highlighting in Atelier

I recently installed Eclipse and Atelier and was able to connect to my dev environment and source control. However, when I open a CSP file everything inside <script> tags shows up green as if it's a comment.

I looked through all the preferences but wasn't able to fix this. Has anyone else run into this and/or know a solution?



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A feature I recently used in working on ISC internal applications is the ability to send emails on behalf of someone. This is useful when generating system notifications from an application when you want some of them to show up as being from a specific person, perhaps posting comments on a work ticket.

In my case I was updating our facilities work order system for tracking requests. Normally all notification emails are sent from the same noreply email address. I wanted to change that so comments added from the original requester would show up as being from them and stand out.

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Orion Correa · Apr 21, 2016
iFind index missing data

I've been using iFind indices in one of my applications but this morning discovered that the index is missing data. I confirmed the issue also exists in our test environment and rebuilt the indices there. That seems to have fixed the immediate problem. However I'd like to understand how this came about to avoid it happening in the future.

Has anyone encountered this before and know the cause?

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