It doesn't work. But this is not the problem. The issue is located at the capacity to get the data in the hl7 message. I can't collect every character of the segment with :

do req.GetFieldStreamRaw(.base64, segment)

Thanks for your response. Could you send me a screenshot or the name of the settings I need to use to do so? Thanks

Thanks Stelios,

you are right, the one i should have used was EnsLib.TCP.TextLineInboundAdapter .
Thanks all for responding me.

Here is the 2 errors I receive by just lauching my code into a connector.

ERREUR <Ens>ErrException: <UNDEFINED>zinitConfig+4 ^Ens.Host.1 *pConfigName -- - connecté en tant que '-'
numéro - @'
Set ..%ConfigName = pConfigName'
ERREUR <Ens>ErrException: <INVALID OREF>zinitConfig+8 ^Ens.Host.1 -- - connecté en tant que '-'
numéro - @'
Set ..Adapter.BusinessHost = $this

Thanks for your interest.

I don't receive any errors, the compilation is fine but it doesn't create any file so it's pointless :-/ ...

Annex question, does 'LinkToFile' need that the file exist in the first place or will it create it?

I will try by switching what you said above

Thanks Robert for taking time to respond me but neither your first or your second response works in my case.
The first isn't generic because imagine that  there is a real folder that starts with 'E', it's going to be erased.
For the second,it's not a synonym for <ESC>, this is the environment of HL7 that transform automatically a \ in a \E\ to be sure it's well read. I have already found a response that works but that's hardcoding and my boss is not happy about that, he would prefer to use a proper way such as if a method already exists or a derivated way.