A good list of the various shared libraries and their descriptions can be found here  On the Docs site

So are you setting up ODBC on RedHat in order for external clients to query the Cache database, or are you setting up a data source in cacheodbc.ini so as to link tables, or use the SQL Gateway to get data from external systems?

If trying to push data and query external databases (at least to MS-SQL), I've had really good luck in building their Microsoft's MS-SQL ODBC client on Redhat and calling that. 

If you are talking about somehow having a rule in message router get fired, or perhaps some trigger to "tickle" a business process class?

Look at the documentation regarding "Adapterless Service" and building custom tasks in the task scheduler.

In essence, you would create a custom request message in the OnTask() method of a custom scheduler class, populate it with whatever data you want and then passes it to an adapterless business service that would send it to one or more targets. The target could then act on that message accordingly.


It works really well when at odd schedules you can create a message that says "go check and do things" and the service passes it on, and other times the message sent can say something like "issue a report" all through the same mechanism. And the best thing is nothing is so custom as to be outside of the normal Ensemble messaging framework.

Try assigning target.{GT1(1):GuarantorPhNumHome}  to empty string - without the parens