Hello Laura,

The CSP.Daemon will use the CSP Event classes (there can be more than one) associated with the session (this information is stored in the ^%cspSession global). It will default to the value of the Event Class setting in the CSP Application, but, as you know, it can also be set programmatically. 

/isc/studio/usertemplates/ is a CSP Application used by Studio to display certain dialogs. I don't believe we take a license for these sessions, but they should still time out. 

It looks like the CSP.Daemon is failing to end these sessions. This investigation might get a fairly involved. I definitely recommend contacting the WRC with the information mentioned above. 

Hello Laura,

Do you see any CSP Sessions active under [System Operation]->[CSP Sessions]? The CSP.Daemon will end any sessions (and release the associated license) after the session times out. The timeout for each session will be displayed on this page. You can also manually end sessions. 

If the license is remaining after the CSP Session is ended, or if the session remains after it is supposed to be timed out this would indicate a problem with the session reclamation. Otherwise, it could be an issue with an excessively long session timeout (this can be configured in the CSP Application).