Hi Daniel,

I would try to explain better:

The $lb it's an old value of one register of my table "Table" that is:  SQLUser^TableD(1) = $lb("",,,,,"",,,"BOOLEAN","0",2,2,"1",,"bla",$lb(,,"bla","20050502123400"),"",1,"bla",,0)  


As you can imagin, my table "Table" has its properties (Fields) that match the $lb fields. What I would like is to get a JSON object of those properties and the values of my old $lb so I have something like:














Kind regards

Thanks all for the comments!

We are looking more for something that may be activated in order to log somewhere the code executed within a period of time so the field service engineer can have the context in a bug trace.

The code is not only deployed, it's also hiden in the studio.

The $STACK could be a solution in order to extract that info when we detect an error, but not if there's no error and we want to know why something is failing...


Do you know something that may help?