Jose Antonio Ca... · Aug 1, 2016

Debug mode execution on a deployed code

Hi all,

For custormer support reasons we would like to know if its possible to activate some kind of flag or see/redirect wich is the code (lines) being executed when some misterious problems appear.


Is there any way to view the stack of execution code on a deployed code environment? Is there any other equivalent way to track the execution stack for a certain period of time?

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You can also run LOG^%ETN() at any point, which will create an entry in the application error log, with a lot more information than just the stacktrace.  It's very useful as it also gives you the parameters passed into the functions along the stack. 

Hi, Jose!

For your first question, you can use Studio to attach process and see Call Stack tab in Watch window if you can suspend the process during the debug session.

When the code is deployed and no source code is available, Studio shows warning but Call Stack is still available. 

Thanks all for the comments!

We are looking more for something that may be activated in order to log somewhere the code executed within a period of time so the field service engineer can have the context in a bug trace.

The code is not only deployed, it's also hiden in the studio.

The $STACK could be a solution in order to extract that info when we detect an error, but not if there's no error and we want to know why something is failing...


Do you know something that may help?