I have a list of files on disk.
Each record is the fully qualified UNC path and filename.
I would like to send these files to the end users default printer as a document.
I have attempted to build a html page using document.write statements and print using printWindow.print(); command.

I think there must be a better way to send a series of files to the windows print spooler.
I would welcome any and all input.

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Good morning, I have a ZEN application being served up through a CSPGateWay. That ZEN application is made up of two ZEN pages. One ZEN page uses a zenLink to call the other ZEN page(see below #1). The ZEN page that is called contains a tab group with one tab. That tab contains a tif image. I have components on the called ZEN page that execute JavaScript to perform simple image manipulations - zoom and rotate(see below #2). Those simple image manipulations have stopped working.

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I have a ZEN page with buttons, text boxes and a tab group. The tab group contains a single tab which I use to display an image(src). When the user, uses the browser zoom capabilities to reduce or enlarge the image, the other controls are reduced or enlarged as well. How can I reduce or enlarge the tab src alone? Thank you for any and all input.

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Good morning, I am using a tableNavigatorBar on a tablepane. I want to execute the onselectrow method of the tablepane each time the tableNavigatorBar is used to proceed to a tablepane record. Has anyone connected these two component in this way before? Thank you for any hints, input and/or comments.

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Good afternoon, I have working prototypes of each of these approaches. I do not have an expansive cache background.

I have a couple of projects where I am ingesting files from disk.

The name of the file contains a lot of the information I will need to reference the file in the future.

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Good afternoon, I have image files stored on disk. I would like to display those images in an <image> control as the end user clicks on rows in a tablepane. I already do this with image data stored in a cache database:

s imageComp = %page.%GetComponentById("ImgTab"_tLdCnt)
s imageComp.disabled=0
s tId=rsId.Get("ID")
s tPageObj=##class(My.PageObj).%OpenId(tId)
s oid=tPageObj.ImageBLOB.%Oid()
s encryptedOid=..Encrypt(oid)
s imageComp.src="%25CSP.StreamServer.cls?STREAMOID="_encryptedOid


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