Is anyone from Intersystems able to provide a response? 

Can this feature be expected in Atelier release 1.3?

@Andreas Dieckow Does this mean it is the end of Atelier? and if so, why?

This post from Bill McCormick ( mentioned Atelier being on the strategic roadmap for Intersystems as well as being the IDE of choice in the future. Please confirm which IDE will Intersystems be using going forward? one that will be continuously developed and enhanced. Will it be Studio or Atelier or something else?

We are in the process of migrating over from Studio to Atelier as it is not possible to manage without source control any more (unfortunately source control hooks in Studio simply don't cut it!). If Atelier is not going to be around in the future then it will be good to know now so we don't waste our time and energy learning it.

Please clarify?

We are "committed" to using GIT as we have invested time in learning it already plus it is free. I believe Deltaji is a paid product. 

Will Deltanji be able to commit .LUT and .HL7 files natively?