oh, thats annoying. I have no clue how to remove those. I need to take advice. Thanks John

See my post here for information about Synchronization in Atelier.

To answer the specific question, files can exist in multiple projects in distinct files and are managed independently. However  we have identified a bug as a result of investigating this issue which we are addressing. I'll add more information as it becomes available

Both issues are confirmed, the drop down box should NOT be gray when there are connections already defined. This behavior is discrepant from that of the Mac so may be a windows only problem. The 'no namespaces reported' is definitely a bug. Developer informed. Thanks for the detailed report

You can turn on the network activities log for Atelier with Window->Show View->Other->Atelier->Network Activities

When starting Atelier and periodically ,Atelier queries the server for server info. This info includes which namespaces are available. It's worth looking in the log and grabbing the JSON response for the /api/atelier call. (You can format this JSON easily at, though we plan to pretty print this at a later stage). 

Ref: the JVM shared library "/Library/internet plug ins/javaappletplugin.plugin/contents/home/bin/../lib/server/libjvm.dylib" 


This problem can be mitigated by installing the Java 1.8 JDK. Oracle states that the JRE does NOT update the symbolic links appropriately whereas the JDK does. Thus for MacOSX only we will now REQUIRE that the JDK be installed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but these are circumstances beyond our control. Thank you.

he JVM shared library "/Library/internet plug-ins/javaappletplugin.plugin/contents/home/bin/../lib/server/libjvm.dylib" 

Not currently. Basic authentication over http ( eventually ssl) is our initial offering. Other methods will be evaluated according to need/demand.

We recognize the need to let you organize your whole source tree as you like within your project.

For example if you are a web developer, this would include all your HTML and JS files etc, etc. Unlike Studio where files in CSP directories needed to be manually copied to the server we will be providing the facility within Atelier to do this. 

When creating files in your project you are free to lay them out in what ever structure you want.

When copying or importing files to the project will will provide options for reasonable defaults, a flat structure in a specified root directory, a structure according to package and also a scriptable custom facility which lets you determine exactly where a file should go and how it should be named according to directory, filename and type.

These features are currently under development.

We (ISC) cannot distribute the java virtual machine due to Oracles licensing restrictions. We ARE working on code-signing however, in order to be a good citizen, though the practicalities of that are challenging.