No, you can't assume that. This is a significant feature that many customers will need. Sorry but I can't say more than that ;-)

Extending CORS support to CSP and not just REST is planned work but we do not have an ETA as yet

This is a planned future feature

You need to choose 'install new software' then select Atelier from the Atelier update site. Just because you added the update site in the preferences it won't automatically download the plugin. You have to initiate that buy installing.


Hope this helps

I'm sorry it's policy to not comment about dates for availability of future releases.

As the implementor of the BPL engine I would caution against this approach.  There is an awful lot of book keeping you have to do to which is better handled by BPL. A technique which has worked well for me in the past is to create a context class which contains much of your logic and then reference that in a simple BPL which performs the calls asynchronously. This is done by setting the 'contextsuperclass' attribute on the BPL process element in the XDATA block. The BPL compiler will use th e named class as the superclass of the context class which it generates during the compilation phase.

This is known as 'edit strategy' and is not currently supported. It's on the product roadmap though as we do understand it's a very necessary feature. Thanks for your patience

Don't do attempt to do that, just use %Net.HttpRequest directly

%Devlopment resource is required.