This all makes sense. I've asked for there to be scheduled a thorough review of those places in Atelier where a project needs to be selected so that we can implement a consistent selection strategy. Thanks for bringing this to our attention

We hear you loud and clear and apologize, but unfortunately we don't have a good way to track that at the moment as the beta builds are being provided on an adhoc basis. When we release, the stable channel will be tracked rigorously and release notes will accompany incremental upgrades. For now we crave your indulgence.

Refactoring support will be provided in the 1.1 release of Atelier. Plans are to fully leverage Eclipses Rich Client Platform to provide those features referred to above as well as exploit additional features such as 'code-hints'

1) The git issue you raise is VERY interesting, the problem stems from git swapping one branches code out from underneath you and replacing it in the same structure. This is clearly different from many other source control systems where branches are placed in distinct trees in the file system (this is what we are used to at Intersystems, as we use Perforce). Addressing this issue will require some careful thought and I think working in a disconnected mode ( something which we are working on ) will only partially solve the issue.  So the answer here is we hear you loud and clear, we are working on disconnected mode but need a little time to think about all the ramifications.

2) You will be able to SYNC no Cache files to the server when CSP support is completed. We are still working on this aspect.

3) We were not planning on Atelier being a deployment tool, I know Bill McCormick has strong views on this subject and I will let him answer this particular issue

4) Again what you see in Atelier is a work in progress, syntax coloring is a very high priority for us but as you can appreciate its a significant task. We wanted to get Atelier into users hands so we could get valuable feedback such as yours so we couldn't wait for a perfect syntax coloring experience. We promise to deliver that. It will just take some time

The content available in the repository has to be signed ( we we do ) to prove that what you have downloaded has been created by ISC. When Atelier downloads it, it checks to see if it's been signed appropriately by calling the platforms cryptographic apis. This is what 'CheckTrust' is doing. We will investigate, I can't hazard a guess as to the exact problem at this moment in time

The intent is that we always use the internal web-kit browser and NOT use the default installed browser. Development is looking at this issue and it's being treated as a matter of urgency. 

This is planned work. We are concentrating on base functionality in pending release 1.0 of Atelier but clearly there is much work to be done in this area. The good news is that the Eclipse RCP gives us an extremely capable  platform to offer search/goto/refactoring facilities which will far exceed the capabilities of the old studio product.  Watch this space!

There seems to be a few defects here which we could tidy up. For both Atelier Explorer the Tab shows just the name of the class ( no package information) but there is hover help which shows the full name (albeit in a format that is not ideal). For example, for my class, project ABC.User.New.cls I see ABC/User/New.cls. For Server explorer we don't have the popup but we do have the bread crumbs. I think it would be a good idea to extend the breadcrumbs to the Atelier Explorer.  However I'm not seeing the popup window that you show above Mike. Could you please post details on how to show this so I can make a better determination as what to do?

This feature is called (in eclipse terminology) the 'edit strategy'. This is planned work .