The mechanism is broadly similar to that which is used by Studio. When you invoke the Add-Ins menu item, Atelier issues this query by doing a post to with this body

{"query": "call %CSP.StudioTemplateMgr_Templates('addin')"}

This returns the JSON which enumerates those templates of type 'addin' which are available.

If you create a user template then the menu item should show up for your custom template. 

(see documentation /csp/docbook/DocBook.UI.Page.cls?KEY=GSTD_Templates

/csp/docbook/DocBook.UI.Page.cls?KEY=GSTD_Templates, section 'Making Your Own Studio Templates')

It's not actually a size thing, but a complexity. The parsers for JavaScript and SQL can be slow at times ( we are working on that ) so we timeout on parsing if we feel it's taking too long. We know this is inconvenient but we didn't want to delay the initial (MVP) release of Atelier because of this one issue.

Yes, we will be enhancing Atelier with many features to support ensemble, the rules editor being one of them. The strategy will be for the web-based editors to be rendered within an embedded browser window within Atelier similar to the facility provided in studio for web-based editors.

A new kit will be posted this week, probably today.

There is an eclipse bug with secure storage on the mac (I guess you are on the mac right). You have to delete the storage and recreate it. This I believe is possible from the preferences menu. There is no known fix for this at present.

Yes, you ARE missing something. On the Server Explorer view there is a small downwards point triangle. Select that and choose 'customize view'. They turn OFF the generated files filter

This is a known issue and is scheduled to be addressed.

This is really an ISC internal issue but I would ensure that %Studio.SourceControl.ISC is compiled on the server. 

Tim is right, all classes require a package name. The clue is in the fact that myclass is underlined and colored in Red. In future versions of Atelier will be implementing 'code hints' and 'smart fixes' which will be able to help you resolve these sorts of problems quickly. Thank you!

The Atelier plugin is targeted specifically at Eclipse and leverages significant Eclipse specific infrastructure such as the dynamic languages toolkit (DLTK). Unless JBOSS and/or MyEclipse are 100% compatible with Eclipse then the answer would be no. We have no plans to support any other IDE at this moment in time.