Thanks Samuel.. I tried custom action also. 

Custom action also can add controls underneath to title bar. but I want the icon in Title bar itself.

or if possible if I hover on Widget name, some tool tip about the widget can also help. 

Thanks  Evgeny Shvarov, the link you shared is very helpful.

But I could not use Angular for our product as now. We are embedding DeepSee dashboard in silverlight.

Can we use some custom appearance in DeepSee itself?

Thanks Sam for your kind response.

The worst story is,  I don't have any other information for this error right now since this is occurring inconsistently.

WRC may help but for them also I need to have some information to reproduce.

So I thought if I get know on what basis this error throws and I can try that way to reproduce this error.  so that I can get some information on this for WRC or to post for suggestion.

Thanks Eduard. %objlasterror helped me to get the error. Below is the error I got.

"0 "_$lb($lb(5023,"Error caught by Gateway.executeInstanceMethod"_$c(13,10)_"   at InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.Gateway.Gateway.executeInstanceMethod(MethodInfo method, String methodName, String oref)"_$c(13,10)_"   at InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.Gateway.Gateway.executeMethod()"_$c(13,10)_"No more licenses are available."_$c(13,10)_"   at Xerox.Statit.StatitClass.Init()"_$c(13,10),,,,,,,,$lb(,"TEST",$lb("e^%ProcessError+4^%Net.Remote.Proxy.1^1","d^%I+11^%Net.Remote.Proxy.1^1","d^zInit+1^Xerox.Statit.StatitClass.1^1","d^zInitEServer+29^DeepSee.Portlets.IndicatorPortlet.1^1","e^zOutputChart+47^DeepSee.Portlets.IndicatorPortlet.1^1","e^zInvokeInstanceMethod+133^%ZEN.Controller.1^1","x^zInvokeInstanceMethod+133^%ZEN.Controller.1^1","e^zInvokeInstanceMethod+2^%ZEN.Component.abstractPage.1^1","e^zCSPEvent+10^%CSP.Broker.1^1","x^zCSPEvent+10^%CSP.Broker.1^1","e^zOnPage+3^%CSP.Broker.1^1","e^zPage+9^%CSP.Broker.1^2","e^CSPDispatch+449^%SYS.cspServer^2","d^CSPDispatch+284^%SYS.cspServer^1","d^zProcessRequest+1^%CSP.Session.1^1","d^Request+620^%SYS.cspServer2^1","d^Request+25^%SYS.cspServer2^1","d^zProcessRequest+1^%CSP.Request.1^1","d^css+41^%SYS.cspServer2^1","d^SuperServer+48^%SYS.SERVER^3","d^^^0"))))/* ERROR #5023: Remote Gateway Error: Error caught by Gateway.executeInstanceMethod-    at InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.Gateway.Gateway.executeInstanceMethod(MethodInfo method, String methodName, String oref)-    at InterSystems.Data.CacheClient.Gateway.Gateway.executeMethod()- No more licenses are available.-    at Xerox.Statit.StatitClass.Init()-  */

I removed ZT from the end of the line still the catch didn't reached and getting the same error.


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your patience.

Below is the %OnNew method I tried with try-catch block. And I added a global reference to store the exception but global is not been set. so I think it didnt enter catch block.

Method %OnNew(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) As %Status
set Stat=""
If '$D(p0) If ($IO["TCP") Quit $$$OK Else Set x=$$$ERROR($$$RemoteGatewayError,"Gateway instance must be supplied") Zt "JGTW" }
set Stat= ..%Constructor(p0,"writetofile.WriteFile",0)
catch exc
set ^xKPS("exc")=exc
set Stat= exc.AsStatus()
quit Stat

Thanks Robert for your help.

I used the below line to check tSC. Still the error persists inconsistently.

if $$$ISERR(tSC) throw ##class(%Exception.StatusException).CreateFromStatus(tSC)

Set api ##class(writetofile.WriteFile).%New(conn) //Here comes the error