How to find a global's original namespace ? Potentially mapped from a different namespace .

I have a global ^Custom that exists in multiple namespaces but it could mapped from namespace Drone(A) to Launch(B)

Without access to Cache management portal how to find where is my global located using cache code ?

Like if ^Custom == ^[Drone]Custom ??

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Routing Rule Usage -

Can we use Functions and Methods with multiple parameters and refer objects by reference as parameters inside Routing rule ?

How do we handle DB related workflows in Business Rules ?
How can we perform Response object based handling in Business Rules ?
Can we try by extending methods with Ens.Util.FunctionSet and pass in the Context object from the rule as a parameter for certain functions ?
Can we split the Business Operations into methods that can be used from the routing rules and create the message route request flow ?

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How to convert SQL persistent classes to JSON output - I have tried 1 option but appears to be very lengthy process.

I have many other SQL storage's defined and have to expose them as well to JSON. Can anyone please suggest a better approach.

My column names usually match with my Json properties.

My User.TestClass is the class with GetJsonList() as my method to return /output JSON formatted data.

The Code tried and SQL storage structure are as follows -

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