I have a handful of EnsLib.HL7.MessageRouter sending an HL7 message to a single Business Process (Ens.BusinessProcess).

In the OnRequest method, I am declaring pRequest as EnsLib.HL7.Message

What I need to do is determine which HL7 Router sent any given request to my BusinessProcess.

To do this, I know that I need to fetch the SourceConfigName property from the Ens.MessageHeader of the Request, but I am not sure how (or if) I can fetch this data from within the OnRequest Method.

Does anyone have any pointers?

Bill Casey

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Hi, all.

I know this is basic, and I think I have done this before, but I haven't been successful this time.

In a Routing Rule, I would like to take the value of MSH:9.2, see if that value does NOT exist in a lookup table, and ultimately return out of the rule if true.

So, if my message is an "A05", but "A05" is not in a particular lookup table, then it evaluates to 1, and I execute my action of "Return" and the rule ceases processing.

Is there something incorrect with my sample code below?

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