Kindly find the below example :

If I open google chrome and I add the below link (just an example) , it will download a file to my local PC.


pswd correspond to the password

rpt represent the report

How can I do the above using code in cache studio ?

What type of services should I use? what's the parameters ? functions? and how can I test it?

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· Aug 2, 2018
Invalid precision value


I'm trying to execute a function in a loop using studio but I'm having an error; "ODBC driver for sql server Invalid precision value"

Any help please?

Example :

for i=1:1:2{


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· Mar 5, 2018
Send txt file thourgh TCP


I'm trying to send a txt file over TCP.

The txt file contains lines, every line has a fixed length : 179 characters , however it seems that this length vary while sending it!

So, I need to send the content of the txt file as it is without adding anything.

I'm using as operation EnsLib.TCP.PassthroughOperation.

I need your help please.

Thanks !

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