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As web application gets more complex, more technologies are involved into the application development. Once it gets deployed in large scale the configuration gets more complex too. For sure one of the most difficult part of the story is the security. In a complex solution when independent servers are feeding single web pages with contents, it is indeed challenging to keep the integrity of such system. HTML5 introduced a (weak) security constraint, the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). This article tells how to enable CORS for CSP/ ZEN applications.

Last comment 7 December 2016
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Caché Localization Manager

CLM  is a tool for localization/internationalization/adding multi-language support to a project based on InterSystems Caché.

Imagine that you have a ready project where all the content is in Russian, and you need to add an English localization to it. You wrap all your strings into resources, translate them into English and call the necessary resource for Russian or English when necessary. Nothing tricky, if you think about it. But what if there are lots of strings and there are mistakes in Russian (or English)? What if you need to localize in more than one language – say, ten? This is exactly the kind of project where you should use CLM. It will help you localize the entire content of your project into the necessary language and retain the possibility to correct entries.

Last comment 22 November 2016
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