I'm testing a REST API that is used for our IRIS Backend with a mobile app (Angular / ionic).

The problem is that, our test environment does not yet have HTTPS capabilities, it's something we're going to set up ASAP, but right now we don't have it set up.

We want to test the API endpoints via a web browser using either a test application built in Angular, or the app itself built with NPM via the browser. This means that the set-cookie headers are being blocked by the browser.

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After performing Concurrent External Backup and restarting the instance, if I want to perform an incremental backup of Concurrent External Backup again.

Should I redo the following steps?

  2.  Set x=$$BACKUP^DBACK("","E","Dirty external backup - incrementals must be applied.","","","")
  3. Set x=$$BACKUP^DBACK("","I","Nightly","test.bck","N","bck.log","QUIET","N","Y")
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I am a first time Python Contest participant and am interested in potentially implementing the community idea found in https://ideas.intersystems.com/ideas/DPI-I-542 if it is something relevant to Python.

Would anyone be able to shed a bit of light on what the desired outcome of that idea being implemented is? There were a lot of upvotes on that idea but there wasn't very much information in it. Thanks!

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