Greetings and welcome to the new era of AI innovation on the Developer Community...

🚀 InterSystems Developer Community AI 🚀

Developer Community AI (DC AI), our new chatbot assistant, is here to answer your questions!

It leverages the InterSystems IRIS Vector Search and is powered by SerenityGPT, providing the most relevant answers sourced directly from the InterSystems Developer Community. Additionally, it can respond in any of the six supported languages (EN, ES, PT, JP, CN, FR)!

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Hello Community,

We're super excited to invite all our Developer Community members (both InterSystems employees and not) to participate in our next contest!

💡 The 3rd InterSystems Ideas Contest 💡

We're looking for your innovative ideas to enhance InterSystems IRIS and related products and services. We encourage suggestions based on real-life use cases, highlighting the tangible benefits your idea will bring to other users and how it will enhance developers' experiences with InterSystems technology.

📅 Duration: June 10 - July 7, 2024

🏆 Prizes for the best ideas!

🎁 Gifts for everyone: A special gift will be given to each author whose idea is accepted in the contest.


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