sansa stark · Sep 15, 2016

Hi All,Cache is not starting ,I checked the cconsole log it is showing the below error.
The following parameters are missing from section [Journal]: '2,12' at line 143,but i checked in last cpf file,
In cpf file consist of that particular line

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Ponnumani Gurusamy · Sep 7, 2016
Cache Certification

Caché Application Developer certification:

How to I prepare developer certification of cache .What are the topics are preparing certification . Please give the topics .I will start learning of certification course .

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sansa stark · Sep 9, 2016
Stream Property

Hi ,

  We upgraded the cache 5.02 to cache 16.
  we are using stream property in one class .(i.e.  Property notes As Stream;) but it not support in cache 16.
 how handle this problem?


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Ponnumani Gurusamy · Sep 8, 2016
Cache Database

Why we are not using database of join (inner join and outer join) concept. How to we are retrieving the data from different tables in cache. Any Concepts are using in Cache database to retrieve the data.

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Dear Colleagues,

Recently I am working on a Cache project should enable the customer, to update our Cache application independently from us. Our idea is a client (preferred .net) application that will copy all the necessary Cache stuff (classes, routines) into a cache database. For this, we are looking for the appropriate technology – in old times this would be a CacheDirect.

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Steve Pisani · Aug 25, 2016
ZEN Mojo onEvent() callback

Hi - Trapping onselect and onchange events that occur on layout objects seems to work fine, however, according to the documentation, I should also be able to use onevent, which is defined as follows:

onevent: Defines how the page behaves when another type of event occurs within a documentView (an event other than select or change).

and has the method signature:

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Hello Fellow Cache Developers:  

Has anyone ever created an index on values of a list property?   If so, would you be willing to share an example?

Also, feel free to offer input and suggestions regarding use of indexes on List values.

Here is my database scenario:

Parent Class:

PropertyA - %String  

PropertyB - %Integer 

Child Class:

PropertyC - %Integer

PropertyD - list of %Integer

Data illustration:

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Rustam Ibragimov · Aug 30, 2016
Get to know the format

I know that Cache files can be stored as XML and UDL based files. Is there any way to determine in which format the file(class, routine, dfi and so on) is stored? Because you can easily name your XML based file as class.cls and it will be perfectly valid. 

I know that one way to check whether this file is in XML format is just try to parse it like 

Set st = ##class(%XML.TextReader).ParseStream(contentStream)

if $$$ISERR(st) return $$$NO

else return $$$YES

However, is there a better way? 

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I am going to start playing with Zen Mojo (again) and as I understand it there are two ways to manage moving data to/from your Zen Mojo page:

  • interacting with REST services
  • using Mojo's built-in transport

I would like to understand the pros and cons of each approach.  Which is recommended in different situations and why?  I would like to create a sample application that will hopefully be reusable and helpful to others and I would like to  understand which approach to pick for my app. 

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to authenticate a user(Health Share clinician) from a Java Application. 

I 'm already connected to Caché and able to run SQL commands.

My question is: How can I authenticate a user using only SQL? In fact, what I want is verify if the users exists in the base and if the given password is the same used in Health Share.

There is a column 'password' in Security.users table but I'm not able to see its content, even so, I don't know which hash function to use to compare with.

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sansa stark · Aug 26, 2016
IIS config for CSP

Hi ,

           i need to configure the CSP for IIS 8.5 .

          Server:windows 2012 R2 64 bit

          Cache version :5.02

         We followed the document "                       KEY=GCGI_win#GCGI_iisv7".

         We  got error 

HTTP Error 404.17 - Not Found

The requested content appears to be script and will not be served by the static file handler.

 please help...


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