· Sep 27, 2022

ZPM Storage on class modified by storage compiler


I am getting the following error , and not sure how to get passed this.

We have removed storage on the classes , did a clean compile and still we get the error below on some of the classes

 Compile FAILURE
ERROR! Storage on class [ MyClass] modified by storage compiler, developer should have run ^build to make sure all storage is updated correctly and saved to Perforce


Any Idea how to resolve this or what to look for ?



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Sorry what I meant to say was  is that I removed compiled and saved the storage that was created on compile time. We always keep the storage in tact in the class , Fully aware of the storage importance
Then tried to run load on zpm and still got the error

This is a new development and we do know that after it has been deployed you should not delete storage else it can cause issues