Luiz Henrique C... · Dec 5, 2022

is ZPM compatibile with Cache 2018.1?


I'm trying to install a ZPM package in my 2018 cache to use swagger-ui in my api-rest, but when I execute command line:
Do $System.OBJ.Load("/mypath/zpm.xml","ck")

I receive this error message:

ERRO #6301: Erro no Parser XML SAX: Linha: 2 Deslocamento: 39 Este arquivo não parece ter sido exportado pelo Caché, não é possível importá-lo.
ELEMENTO DE ORIGEM: %ZEN.Component.html (htmlContent)

I'm trying to install the version: zpm-0.5.1

Can anyone help me?

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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There is NO official support for ZPM on Caché

(too fast typing)

ZPM requires IRIS, and this is highly unlikely to change.

It is less effort to install swager-ui manually from the repo than a backport of ZPM