Sagun Tangsrisanguan · Jan 16, 2020

Why VISM cannot return result in PLIST

Hello Everyone

I use VB.NET to dev. some program for query data 

Code in VB like this


Private Sub Button4_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button4.Click     

 AxVisM1.MServer = "CN_IPTCP:myserver[1972]"
            AxVisM1.NameSpace = "LABDATA"
            AxVisM1.Code = "s err="""",err=$$select^LVBEPVIS(""" & ln & """)"

        tmptxt = AxVisM1.PLIST.ToString


but it show only 


and then i try to run same command in Cterm. it show 

Could you suggest  What wrong ?? and Why VISM.OCX cannot return values to PLIST?



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Could you cite the test code for $$select^LVBEPVIS and run it from a VBScript program from Windows Explorer.
Also give your $zv (interested primarily in 8-bit or Unicode).

My test for the Caché Unicode:

select(n)   PLIST=4   PLIST(1)="018625110"   PLIST(2)="01862511"_$c(9,233,769)   PLIST(3)="F"_$c(1)_"Female"_$c(1)_"Y"   PLIST(4)=35633   1
Set AxVisM1 = CreateObject("VISM.VisMCtrl.1") AxVisM1.Server="CN_IPTCP:localhost[1972]:_system:@SYS" AxVisM1.NameSpace="USER" AxVisM1.Execute("s err="""",err=$$select^LVBEPVIS(""018625110"")") WScript.Echo AxVisM1.PLIST

Is VISM still ported by IRIS?  Thanks.

That is what I would like to know, can we still use VISM in IRIS. It is not in the standard installer. Does somebody have the answer?

Hi Sagun,

I would check after Execute, the Vism property Error or ErrorName. If there is any error, you should see there.