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Java developers use maven to resolve your project dependencies (like zpm, npm), so when a package to use IRIS is not available, these java developers give up. All intersystems competitors are there.

While we are building a maven distribution channel the latest IRIS JDBC driver could be downloaded from here

Good idea.  We're working on better processes for client distribution overall.

@Bob Kuszewski, what do you mean by better processes? What does it mean for jdbc driver or any other jar files, which have only one place where they supposed to be published is, maven central. Currently, InterSystems - JDBC and InterSystems XEP just contain empty files, which have to be deleted.

JAR files here, just only 155 bytes in size or even less.




All java devs use maven to build your apps. It is critical to increase iris adoption in the Java ecosystem. And it is really simple to ISC. It is just upload most recent files to maven central.

The most interesting, is why current files on maven central us completely useless? Just empty jar files.