Why did this article appear in a digest email to me just now?

I just got a digest email alerting me to a change in the article https://community.intersystems.com/post/studio-tip-running-cos-commands-...

 and when I use the list-style view of the dashboard it appears at the top with a recent "updated" timestamp:

But when I open the article the date info on the article and on all of the comments all points to changes 5 or 6 months ago.

I wonder if someone voted up the article earlier today and perhaps that triggered the update notification. If so, I think that's a bug. I don't want to know every time someone votes up (or down) an article.

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John - I edited the article which caused the notification for anyone subscribed to content changes.  If you are  not subscribed to changes in content then that should be considered a bug that notification was sent for an edit to an article.

Hope that helps.

I'm subscribed to the article:


Are there different levels of subscription? Specifically, you asked if I am "subscribed to changes in content".

I have "On Updates" and "On Comments" checkboxes on that page for all of my subscriptions.  Perhaps because I am signed up for individual emails (which may have more subscription options) and you are signed up for a Digest? (or perhaps maybe not - I tried changing to Digest and still see the "On Updates" checkboxes.

I think a Community Admin needs to weigh in because I don't know why your settings are different.