Sebastian Thiele · May 17, 2019

Where are XML Schema Structure stored

Hi everybody,

after importing an XML schema from xsd into Ensemble I´d like to add it to my Studio-Project but can´t find the imported schema in the namespace view. For example when working with custom hl7 schema, I could easyly add it to my project under namespace view schemaname.hl7. Is this also possible with xml schema? If so where can I find it on an component level?

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when you generate Classes from XSD you require a reference. That' s where xsd is stored.  It may make sense to ich copy it first to your default repository and generate your classes after.

Hi Robert,

my intention was to add the imported xsd schema to a studio project. However, I didn´t generated any classes explicitly. I´ve just imported a xsd schema in the management portal and expected (wich works fine) but expected to have xsd-schema availabe in studio just like with hl7-schema (*.HL7). So I guess there is no way for doing that directly and therefore I need to place the schema file in mit default csp location to be able to add it to a studio project. I see no other way to be able to have that schema to be available for comparision (diff).

kind regards,


What Robert is talking about is the SOAP wizard in Caché, what you're looking for is the import of XML definitions as Ensemble virtual document structures. These definitions are not stored as classes but just exist in a global (for XML it's  EnsEDI.XML.Schema). That's also true for HL7. In Studio HL7 is listed in the category "others", which means that it is not a class. I can see other document structures there, like .AST and .X12, but XML doesn't appear. I don't know whether there is a reason for that, maybe the only reason is that nobody requested it up to now because they're using the Management Portal interface.

Thank you for that hint. Adding the xml schema definition to the studio-project would make transport to other system stages a lot more easier. One don´t need to remember where schemas are stored and doesn´t need to to organize schemas in seperated files floating around the file system. I guess I´ll end up adding the EnsEDI.XML.Schema global to my studio project. Thanks again for that hint.