· Feb 6, 2020

Whats the difference between the CLS files and CSP pages

Throughout my years working within HealthShare\Ensemble, I have been able to mimic the Data Lookup page trimming it down to give our Ancillary areas access to modify their own data Lookup tables.

I am currently working on building a CSP application to allow certain users to update MS SQL tables by going through HealthShare. I thought all I had to was create the CSP pages and grant access. I am able to access it off my desktop, but when I have a user try to access the application, they get the sign in but then it doesn't do anything.  So I think I might be missing something.

In looking through the documentation it mentions the CSP Gateway Management. I tried to sign into it, but it keeps returning me to the sign in screen.

  • Does that mean it's not installed?
  • Is there a way that I can check to see if it is installed?
  • Why do I need the CSP Gateway Management for this app but I didn't need it for the cloned pages that I made of the Data Lookup tables?
  • Is there a way I can get around this without having to install additional Software on the server?



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